Smaller font, faster game selection.
Extra speed option in Emulation Settings/Wait-State. Right shoulder button now scrolls in unscaled mode.
Version 0.20 adds an option to modify the GBA wait-state setting, for a speed boost if your flash cart supports it.
Injector source code for people to write Linux versions, etc... etc...
This has been available for a while, but I forgot to put a link to it on this page!
Minor bug fix to FLASH code.
Changed unscaled scrollable mode behaviour, and added version number to Injector title bar.
Speed improvement (?)
Extra R-Inc option
R register increment settable
Screen/Interrupt timing adjustable
"Reset Game" no longer trashes key settings
R register tweak for Thunderbirds.
A few requests from forum users have been implemented...
- Improved speccy keyboard graphic (thanks to DNA)
- Most menus now wrap-around
- Injector remembers key mappings based on short filename as well as full path
- Think I fixed the bug that lost keymappings when the browse button is used
New Speccy key selection, Remap Controls no longer falls through to Apply Poke.
Fixed Apply Poke to allow zero values.
Changed R-register (for Cookie).
Fixed IM register on .Z80 loading.
Some undocumented flag behaviour added to CPU core (for Ghosts'n'Goblins). New "Apply Poke" option.
Many bug fixes, SRAM snapshots, etc... etc...
CPU core speedup, frameskip option, snapshots also save key settings.
A whole damn menu system implemented.
Opcode fixes - Batman, Head over Heels, Target Renegade, Match Day 2, and others should be ok now.
Speed improvements (games that played at 100% before won't get any faster, but some previously slower games will now be up to speed). Also minor tweaks to injector.
Injector now gets key mappings right :)
First pass at audio. Injector now tries to remember key mappings.
UPDATE: Don't download this... apparently the Injector remembers key mappings, and then blissfully gets them wrong when it creates the image. Sorry!
First release of .EXE Injector.
GBA Image - Manic Miner
GBA Image - Chuckie Egg