PIC Projects

If you don't know what a PIC is, this page probably won't be of much interest to you.

If you do know what one is, then it still may not be of interest. However, if you happen to have a spare 16F84, and you want to try out some of my PIC projects, feel free....

The more observant among you will notice that at the time of writing, there are actually only three projects here. Oh well. More will be added soon, oh yessiree.

MP3 IDE interface

This is a work in progress... I'm building a hard-drive based MP3 player using the MAS3507D MP3 decoder, and a PIC 16C64. I've started keeping a vague log of my activities, in case anyone's interested.

SUPER Annoying Musical PIC Thing

This is a really annoying little project. It plays "Oh When The Saints Go Marching In" incessantly. It's built for a 16F84 with a 10MHz oscillator, and uses pin B1 as the audio output. It'll probably work on a 16C84 too. Just connect a cheap piezo speaker to B1 and GND, and hey presto! Instant irritation! Trust me - words cannot convey how MINDLESSLY REPETITIVE and ANNOYING this thing is. The one slightly clever thing about it is that it uses Pulse Width Modulation to produce the effect of 3 notes at once on a single digital channel. The ZIP file contains full source, and a HEX file.

Fluffy - Cheap Scenix SX Programmer

This is a complete hardware and software system that allows you to use a 16F84 to program a SX microcontroller. Also provided is my first attempt at a Scenix assembler, and a cheesy demo program for the SX.


A whole plethora of microcontroller-related tomfoolery is available at the following locations:

Microchip - Manufacturers of the PIC family of microcontrollers.

Scenix - Manufacturers of the SX family of microcontrollers.

Parallax Inc. - Lots of PIC and SX related hardware for sale.

Dontronics - Australian purveyor of fine electronics products, with a section on SX chips.

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